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Taking a Risk led to a Life Changing Opportunity for Theodor Wille.


Smart, Tested & Trusted Supply Chain Solutions

TWI is a company with a history of international supply chains spanning centuries and continents. Dating back to 1844 in Hamburg, Germany, Mr. Theodor Wille began importing coffee and other commodities from South America to Europe. Today, the modern TWI continues the international supply chain tradition and specializes in integrated supply chain management solutions for government and commercial customers around the world. Our core business is focused on building progressive resources, capabilities, and technologies to integrate and accelerate food- and non-food supply chains in complex environments across multiple geographies. We leverage our expertise and corporate values across all segments of the supply chain including program management, quality, procurement, logistics and distribution, facility maintenance, information technology, and warehouse management.

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About ADS, Inc.

Atlantic Diving Supply (ADS) acquired TWI in 2015, combining two of the DLA’s “Superior Suppliers” into one super supplier. With this acquisition, we now offer our customers unmatched levels of support, transparency, and accountability across multiple commodity categories, both in the United States and overseas.

ADS provides industry-leading equipment & services, with streamlined procurement and value-added service solutions to the DoD as well as other state, federal, and local organizations. American-owned & operated, ADS is a small business with fewer than 500 employees—now including TWI—with headquarters in VA Beach, VA.


Strong Parent Company

TWI’s resources and capabilities are reinforced by our parent company Atlantic Diving Supply, Inc (ADS). The acquisition of TWI by ADS in November 2015 fully integrated two of DLA’s Superior Suppliers. With headquarters in Virginia Beach, Virginia, ADS is an American-owned Small Business with less than 500 employees, including TWI staff. Together, we provide industry-leading equipment and services, streamlined procurement, and value-added service solutions to the Department of Defense and other federal, state, and local agencies in support of the homeland and overseas defense and security programs. We offer DLA and its customers unrivaled levels of support, transparency, and accountability across multiple commodity categories both in the United States and overseas.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of ADS, TWI’s financial and operational capabilities offer a network of more than 3,000 suppliers and services providers with experience delivering many thousands of orders per year around the world.