Construction & Infrastructure Solutions

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Supporting construction and infrastructure projects in difficult locations and conditions can be a challenge. TWI has years of experience meeting these kinds of challenges on both government and commercial construction projects around the world.

Our holistic solutions for construction and infrastructure projects include program management, supply chain planning and consulting, analytics, sourcing and procurement and distribution and delivery services. A culture of compliance and commitment to meeting client needs assures these solutions and guarantees uninterrupted streams of cost-effective materials on-budget and on-time.

Whether materials are locally, regionally, or globally sourced – or internally sourced from in-house resources – TWI offers organizations of all sizes maximum flexibility in integrating their supply chains. From a fully outsourced supply chain management solution to an as-needed augmentation of internal capabilities, our posture and knowhow around the world can quickly optimize sourcing and distribution challenges.

TWI provides unique supply chain solutions to construction and infrastructure customers. Contact us to learn more.