TWI Awarded Contract for Country Micro Reports

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TWI Awarded Contract for Country Micro Reports

Contract part of DLA’s Industrial Base Extension (IBEX) Program.

TWI is pleased to announce a recent award to prepare and submit four country-specific micro reports in support of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Industrial Base Extension (IBEX) Program. These micro reports will highlight TWI’s capabilities and experience in specific austere and expeditionary locations.

Under the IBEX program, DLA seeks information on commercial assets and capability available within a region or country to supply, store, transport, and/or assemble DLA commodities and services for military and other contingency and/or emergency operations.

The information will be used to develop and evaluate DLA’s logistics support options in various countries around the world.  Capability reports and information gathered will be used to develop sourcing strategy solutions that include contingency plans to assure warfighter surge and sustainment support.  Information will also be used to develop industrial base solutions/investments as appropriate.


About TWI

Founded in 1844, Theodor Wille Intertrade (TWI) provides premier end-to-end supply chain solutions to Government & Industrial sector customers worldwide. With offices in the US, Germany, Switzerland, UAE, Turkey, Iraq, and Kazakhstan, we provide services and expertise across all segments of the supply chain, including logistics and distribution, procurement, program management, information technology, and customer service.

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