TWI Participates in IHRC Workshop

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TWI Participates in IHRC Workshop

Continuous improvements and investments in our People systems is a powerful driver in our business.

To highlight this, TWI recently joined the International HR Community (IHRC), a well-renowned society for professionals involved in managing talent. As well, TWI senior leadership recently attended the workshop “HR, meet Data Science.” Held 17 February in Zurich, Switzerland, the workshop highlighted the developing importance and influence of “Big Data” and what role it will take in managing the modern workforce. Seminar facilitators and participants discussed how businesses are able to decipher key internal differentiators and maximize their impact through the utilization of “Big Data”. This innovative approach to Talent Analytics helps companies such as TWI improve their workforce management and personnel development processes.

Andrew Marritt

Guest speaker Andrew Marritt, founder of OrganizationView, discusses the utilization of algorithms to predict behavior.

About TWI

Founded in 1844, Theodor Wille Intertrade (TWI) provides premier end-to-end supply chain solutions to Government & Industrial sector customers worldwide. With offices in the US, Germany, Switzerland, UAE, Turkey, Iraq, and Kazakhstan, we provide services and expertise across all segments of the supply chain, including logistics and distribution, procurement, program management, information technology, and customer service.

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