TWI Surpasses $10 Million in Cost Savings

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TWI Surpasses $10 Million in Cost Savings

TWI is proud to announce that our logistics hub in Almaty, Kazakhstan recently surpassed the $10 million mark in transportation cost savings in support of our GSA Supply Chain Integrator contract.

Under this contract, TWI identifies potential sources of supply in Central Asia capable of providing common consumable products to GSA customers in Afghanistan. Once qualified suppliers are identified and approved, TWI negotiates item prices and coordinates timely delivery of items, enhancing the speed and reliability of GSA’s supply chain to support US Forces operating throughout Afghanistan.

As part of the original contract which began in March 2010, the addition of freight consolidation hubs was awarded as an option that could be exercised at the government’s discretion. After several months of purchasing activity, TWI conducted an analysis to determine the optimum size and location of a consolidation hub to improve transportation asset utilization and reduce cost. After receiving a notice to proceed from GSA, TWI was able to establish the hub operation in less than 60 days in Almaty where a large concentration of GSA suppliers is located. Through the TWI integrator contract, GSA was able to provide improved delivery performance and reduce transportation costs.

In less than three years following its establishment, TWI’s management of the Almaty logistics hub has achieved the following:

  • Delivery of over 700 truckloads of Central Asian products to GSA customers in Afghanistan
  • Delivery of almost 11,000 pallets
  • Process over 11,000 customer orders

At TWI, our highly engaged team and data-driven methodology continues to allow us to integrate and accelerate tailored, scalable supply chain solutions that enable our customers to focus on their core business.


Our strategically located 1,000 sq m facility in Almaty supports GSA customers throughout Afghanistan

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