International sourcing with problem-solving service


What Makes Up Procurement Services?



Whatever you need, wherever it is, we’ll find it for you at the best value including cost, shipping, and transportation fees.


Distribution and Delivery

Not only do we deliver on-time and to-cost, we’re happy to spread the wealth for you, and we’ll meet any deadline you give us.

TWI’s proven sourcing and procurement approach balances speed, quality, and cost- meeting your needs within the context of the regions in which you operate.

Our highly responsive sourcing and procurement model meets your exact needs. Mission-critical functions are identified in the supply chain planning process then meshed with complex regulatory and compliance requirements, timing constraints, and any additional considerations. Anticipating issues when sourcing, procuring, and delivering products and incorporating these parameters into the supply chain result in our integrated, optimized model.

Local. Regional. Global.

Local and regional sourcing reduces transportation costs and time while boosting your operation’s economic efficiency. TWI’s sourcing experience around the world, results in consistently identifying and providing vet-qualified vendors who meet our requirements, which, by definition, meet your standards.

Our on-ground sourcing and procurement staff are fluent in local languages, customs, and business practices. You can trust their guidance in all things regional.

TWI’s global sourcing footprint is impressive—and invaluable. We’ve been busy over the past 17 years, building relationships and developing our network of suppliers on nearly every continent. These relationships, coupled with our purchase volume, allow many of our suppliers to receive the best possible pricing and delivery lead times in the market.

Leverage our network of trusted and proven connections for your sourcing needs.

Procurement Outsourcing and Technology

TWI offers the ExPRSS procurement information system to our customers. ExPRSS was developed specifically to support contingencies and expedite remote procurement operations.

Market pricing information and supplier performance rankings in the system allow us to quickly identify qualified suppliers, solicit bids, and rank bids based on specific projects or requirements—both historical and current.


Requirements Planning