Applying Technology to maximize our Supply Chain Solutions

TWI’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a custom-built supply chain management software suite created and maintained by our in-house development team. The pricing and supplier databases housed in our ERP allow TWI to quickly source, procure, and deliver items on a global basis. The historical and current market pricing information and supplier performance rankings embedded in the system allow TWI procurement personnel to quickly and accurately identify qualified suppliers, solicit bids, and rank them based on the variables unique to a specific project or requirement.

TWI makes maximum use of technology to streamline our distribution operations. We track performance, accuracy, speed and price to determine what distribution and delivery plan (and service provider) suits each client’s mission and compliance requirements.

Through the use of these tools, TWI is able to quickly and efficiently analyze our customers’ supply chain data to identify trends in sourcing and purchasing activity, pricing variance, supplier performance and other factors. We then use this information to focus on trouble areas and improve the overall performance of the supply chain.

Our unique approach allows TWI to offer unparalleled accountability, meet any reporting requirements, strengthen operations, and ensure our clients they are getting the best value supply chain solution.